Moe Can Change


So I haven’t been on much because I’ve been playing this reaaally addicting game on my iPhone (I have a 5c, go me!) called Moe Can Change. It’s absolutely adorable.
So you get an Android (robot-ish) anime girl and you get to buy clothes for her and you’re her master and everything.
I spoil her too much.
You don’t have to do this but I bought an itunes card just to buy AP (one of the forms of money/ currency they have) just to get her more clothes.
You can talk to her and also share stuff with other people ok
i am so not obsessed
but i have been playing it 24/7 of my life so don’t worry
it hasn’t become an obsession
it’s very addicting
if you enjoy stuff like this or just enjoy cute little anime characters then you should play this game.

This is my girl.

“MOE Can Change!
Raise your perfect anime android girl!
*Please use my ID during registration:


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